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When it comes to your safety you don’t want to take any chances. If you’re purchasing a used vehicle, the Friendly Mechanic will give you peace of mind by making sure your inspection service is a thorough, affordable and unbiased way to detect any potential problems. Our expert technicians will perform an unbiased safety and computer scan, including a complete written report with explanation of the results. And we never try to upsell you anything you don’t need. We are fair and honest without the typical high-pressure repair pitch.


  • Our full safety inspection covers everything from the brakes and rotors to the headlights and wiper blades
  • We will also road test your vehicle to check for any abnormal noises or performance issues
  • Every safety inspection comes with a full report which details each point inspected
  • No typical high-pressure repair pitch
  • We get the job done right — the first time


  • When is a safety inspection neededl?

    A Safety Standards Certificate is required in the case of any vehicle changing hands to a new owner. This step is required before the new owner’s licence plate can be attached. The car must receive a Certificate before it can be “plated” (receive new plates from the Ministry of Transportation).

  • How long is the safety certificate good for?

    As soon as the vehicle passes the SSC inspection, there are 36 days in which it can be sold and plated to the new owner. If 36 days have passed and the car has not been plated, it must be re-inspected.

  • Does the safety certificate mean the car has a 36-day warranty?

    No it is not a warranty. Many people are confused on this point. Even though the vehicle has successfully passed the inspection, things can still happen. A tire could go flat. A bulb could burn out.

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